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Mini-hotel "Antwerpen" in Saint-Petersburg



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Komendantskiy prospekt
17-1-984 (code 984)



SIP ID: 2455691

Please read this rules before arrive.

- In our hotel we try to create a comfortable and benevolent atmosphere for all our visitors. Therefore we have developed this list of House Rules, for the comfort and safety of all guests.
- Access to the hotel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.
- For stays of less than 24 hours, payment will still be taken for one day, irrespective of arrival and departure time (there is no hourly payment).
- For a third or fourth person in the room there is an additional payment of 18 EUR per day.
- Children less than 16 years old must be accompanied by adults.
- All guests must have valid documentation/proof of identity.
- We may refuse entry to guests in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.
- Valuable things, documents, please, leave in the safe in your room. The safe free of charge. For items left without supervision, the guest bears responsibility.
- You can invite guests in your room at any time, however please advise the manager.
- We ask you to respect other visitors living in nearby rooms. Please after 22.00 turn down TV sound, avoid loud conversation and laughter.
- In hotel rooms smoking is permitted.

Please, protect property and the equipment of our hotel. In case of damage, property and equipment loss, you may be charged (the manager can demand to indemnify a loss).

Welcome to "Antwerpen" in Saint-Petersburg!